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Research Updates

I hope this finds you well. As promised- here’s the update. We discussed the preliminary database assessment today, and I would summarise as follows; · The database is really detailed and well structured. You and your team have done an incredible job in collating and maintaining this information. · Based on Paolo’s calculations, we estimate… Read More »

Doberman Pinscher Health Foundation

The Doberman Pinscher Health Foundation is soliciting research grant proposals for research into canine health problems associated with the Doberman Pinscher. Of particular interest is Doberman breed-specific research which includes but is not limited to: Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Gastric Volvulus-Torsion, Chronic Active Hepatitis, Wobblers, Hypothyroidism, Renal Dysplasia and Cancer. We will consider quality research of any… Read More »

PDK4 gene is NOT associated with DCM in a European cohort of Doberman Pinschers

New research using European Dobermanns puts doubt into the validity of the Meurs DCM test for European Dobermanns ….  see original article …. A splice site mutation in a gene encoding for PDK4, a mitochondrial protein, is associated with the development of dilated cardiomyopathy in the Doberman pinscher   New research….. by Marta Owczarek-Lipska, Theresa-Bernadette… Read More »